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Arthur Jack Snyder

Forrest Richardson & Associates
Phoenix, AZ

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Philosophy of Design

"The game of golf was meant to be fun. 'Challenging, but not too intimidating' has always been our motto. The design must take into account all types of players and must never forget the bottom line."  - Arthur Jack Snyder

Text from a brochure on the work of Arthur Jack Snyder and Forrest Richardson (c. 2003)

Classic Values. Innovative Solutions The first golf courses were nestled among the dunes. Nature decided their form. The golfers of the day decided their play. There was no grand and ingenious land plan. No engineering. Certainly, there was no such professional as 'the golf course architect,' a term we have come to know as the game has made its way to nearly every corner of the world. We have come a long way-or have we? As the custodians of the great game of golf, have we kept our priorities in order? Are the courses we celebrate today as pure and simple as the linksland from which the game evolved? Are the golf courses of today fun to play? Moreover, are they fun to develop, build and promote?

The Role of the Golf Architect As golf course architects our priorities are simple. We hold the game of golf, its traditions and values close to heart. To us, a golf course represents far more than the soil and plants that form its appearance. A golf course is a place to recreate, to share friendships and celebrate the joys of a challenge. It is a place for the young to discover the worth of being outdoors, and the young-at-heart to discover that time does stand still-even if only for a few hours at a time. In our pursuit of great designs, we remember that golf's unique playing boards-these one-of-a-kind creations-are living landscapes. Every golf course project must live up to the forces of nature and time. The cost of our work does not end on the day it opens. One must keep an eye toward the future. Toward creating courses that are efficient-both to build initially, and to maintain for the long term.

Our Pursuit Great golf course architecture must begin with a purpose. It is said that our work is part art and part science. This is true. From early vision to opening day, the golf course architect must bridge this gap. Our role is to embrace the charm and traditions of golf, and blend them with new technologies and innovative deign. Success comes when our creativity brings enjoyment. When the golf is fun.