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David Rainville

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Philosophy of Design

Golf should be an enjoyable and gratifying experience. The design for which it is intended should provide an opportunity for the golfer to achieve that experience. It's important for the designer to recognize and fully utilize each site's individual character. I strive to provide solid, traditionally oriented designs that preserve and enhance natural environmental features, build upon the essential character of the terrain where possible, and demonstrate variety within a round of golf. This is where a design sets itself apart from other courses with its own unique qualities.

Greatest flexibility in design can be achieved on a stand alone course. A course like this generally needs to appeal to a broad range of skills or age levels. Given sufficient land to allow the designer freedom in providing alternate and varied routes to be played, the course can and should be designed to offer better players a challenge without unduly punishing the casual golfer.

A real estate oriented course, which needs to be tailored to the intended product being marketed with its usually limited land availability, requires a different approach. Freedom of design is often compromised. In my view, when designing a course for these varied types of projects the challenge is maintaining the degree of difficulty suited to the target golf clientele of players or property owners, whether senior citizens, with a 25+ handicap or scratch golfers, who love a real challenge.

Technical and safety concerns should not be compromised and proper routing and layout are critical to long-term operation of an exceptional golf facility. Gimmicks are never a consideration because each new site draws from unique qualities inherent to the region and the property being considered. I'm proud to note that the courses I have touched provide much of the same enjoyment today as they did with their first round.